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What Makes a Great Web Design

What makes a great web design? For some it may be that it provides an exceptional interactive experience, for others it could be that it has a beautiful design or appearance. How a website looks is probably the most important aspect to many new website owners but that is far from the truth.

The truth is, the vast majority (over 75%) of website users rate a great web design as something that ‘makes it easy for me to find what I want’. Now, what does that mean? read more

The Art of Small Business SEO

Small business SEO is probably the last thing on your mind, we get it.

You started a business to do what you love but somehow along the way you end up doing well…  pretty much everything. You wear many hats – you are both the janitor and the CEO. read more

What’s The Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

What’s the most effective digital marketing strategy?

Chances are, if you’re reading this then you want to learn more about digital marketing or you’re considering ways to grow your business online. Perhaps, you are looking for the most effective digital marketing strategy that will get you the most bang for your buck. read more

What to Expect During the First Few Months of SEO

What to expect during the first few months of SEO is a common question we get asked daily.

You’ve read our how to find the best seo agency ultimate guide, worked through its checklist and have chosen the best seo agency. You’ve established contact and worked with your SEO agency to identify the best plan of attack. You are excited and is prepared for the bombardment of phone calls and emails coming your way and then… nothing. read more

Google Ads Sucks! No, You Do and Here are 9 Reasons Why

Google Ads sucks! That is the conclusion you’ve came to after weeks of using the pay per click advertising platform with little to nothing to show for it.

It’s not hard to see why Google Ads (or Google Adwords as it’s formally known) can suck for many new or even experienced business owners but the most likely reason to why Google Ads suck is that you’re doing it wrong. read more

Menulog, Uber Eats are Destroying your Restaurant Business and What You Can Do To Fight Back

Aussie restaurant owners have it tough these days. Not only are you competing against each other but also against the rising cost of rent and cost of employees.

It’s no wonder then when third party food ordering and delivery companies such as Menulog and Uber Eats come knocking, offering a platform that can help you to promote your business that many restaurants signup without batting an eye. Afterall, how can you refuse the publicity that comes with a free listing on app and your very own web page not to mention delivery drivers at your beck and call? read more

Digital Marketing for Tradies Made Simple

Tradies, the backbone of the Australian economy – Slugging it out day after day fixing leaky taps or installing new floorboards. Make no mistake, it is back breaking labour yet they put their money where their mouth is and persevere. Maybe it’s their relaxed attitude or casual appearance but they oftentimes have a reputation and perception that’s quite far from the truth. read more

Marketing to Chinese Consumers

With its natural beauty and laid back lifestyle, Australia has been and still is a top destination among holidaymakers. While New Zealand holds the number one foreign visitors to Australia for many years, it has seen stagnant growth. The country that’s making the most of their holiday down-under now is China. In this article, we will focus on the Chinese buyer mentality and shopping habits and how you can market to Chinese consumers locally and online to get your business China Ready.

As Chinese people get wealthier, they are shopping and  traveling more and Australia remains one of their top destinations. As a matter of fact, China has overtaken New Zealand now as the number one foreign visiting nation in Australia with almost 1.5 million visiting last year [2]. read more

How to Improve Your Business Local SEO

After you have avoided the hidden traps of purchasing a website and it’s finally SEO optimised and running, you are now ready to promote the heck out of it. However, not every business is set for world domination. If your business only serves clients locally, it makes sense to put most of your marketing efforts into local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This guide gives you proven tips and tricks to improving your local SEO.

One of the things we get asked the most from our local clients is how can they get their business on the top right position with a photo, phone number and address details similar to what we did with our client Wardsteel & Aluminium below when certain industry related keywords are searched via Google search engine. read more

These 9 Facebook Ads Tips Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

Before you spend thousands of dollars creating your next marketing campaign on Facebook Ads, you might want to know there are certain restrictions Facebook places on its users to whether or not its ads get published.

Understanding these restrictions will help you avoid your ads getting banned and potentially save you thousands of dollars. read more

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