A website is at the forefront of your business. It is a virtual representation of who you are and what you do. Everything you do whether it’s raising awareness to your products and services or selling products online via an eCommerce store is funneled through it. So make sure you have great website design.


Like many things in life a good foundation is vital in supporting growth and expansion. Without sound strategic planning and a good foundation, everything will come crumbling down. In the online world a good website design is the foundation your business needs. Everything from brand identity to online marketing and sales are funneled through it. While you don’t necessarily need a state of the art website design with all the bells and whistles, however, you do need one that is content rich, has quality inbound and outbound links and is SEO optimized. Without these basic elements there is no point spending money on online advertisement and marketing as it will be a futile attempt at best and will not provide the ROI you wish to see.


To know if your site is optimized for maximum impact online, we suggest you to do a full audit of your website. In this report, you will know if your website alt and anchor texts are correctly labelled, and also if meta titles and descriptions are working seamlessly with your intended keywords among other things.


Our Approach – By gaining a sound understanding of your business, your objectives and your target market, we construct your website to be a reflection of your brand and its values to achieve your business objectives. We work alongside you to implement creative strategies to attract potential clients to your website and to convert them to actual clients. We offer industry leading technology and methodology that can help you to stand out from your competitors including:


SEO optimized – No matter how good your website looks, if it’s not SEO optimized it won’t stand a high chance of being found on search engines. Unless you plan to build a website and just leave it there, we suggest you book an audit today to see what you’re potentially missing out on.


Responsive Website Design – Somewhere in mid-April 2015 Google has placed penalties on non-mobile and non-responsive websites. This means if your website needs to be resized when viewed on a mobile device, Google may place it lower than other similar websites i.e. that of your competitors.


To have an advantage over your competitors and to be relevant in today’s mobile dominant users, a responsive website is critical. Contact us today to speak to one of our consultants to discuss your mobile website needs.


CMS – Our website designs uses CMS (Content Management System) which means you can add or edit the contents of the website without knowing any previous programming language. Platforms we use include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal so you can be sure you have the best proven industry practises behind your website and the support you need.


Features & Functions – The way of static webpages are becoming a thing of the past. Today’s online audiences expect to be able to engage and interact with your services via your website otherwise they go to the competitor. Whether it’s to set up an online booking system, a shopping cart or just an image gallery to showcase your events and functions, Shout It Out has the best talents in the country to help you realize this.


Measurable Results – Utilizing the best CMS and search engine tracking software and practices, we are able to help you gather the most accurate data of your visitors and their behavior. By understanding these vital characteristics and statistics, we will have a higher probability to convert them into paying customers or loyal supporters whatever your business objectives are.


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